Rainy day sunshine

Aged rum, ginger syrup, lime, bubbly. Killer HH to boot makes for a little sunshine on this otherwise crap weather day. On my first of three, rare, days off I got to nerd out on one of my favorite pastimes- sitting at a horse show. At least there’s covered bleachers now instead of drowning on the sidelines getting fence-butt.

If I didn’t get to indulge in this favorite activity of mine (horse shows), living here wouldn’t be worth it. The DC area has gotten tired for me, nothing to truly inspire within the walls of it’s Beltway. But…the countryside, the wine and horse country just a bit beyond an hour’s drive, make up for a lot of shitty nonsense I deal with on a daily basis.

“I know things, and I drink”- Tyrion Lannister

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