After a long absence…

I know, I know, bad me, I haven’t written or posted here in ages. Life in flux, chaos in exhaustion, a month without booze. All of the above.

But I’m back, and more than ready and mentally prepared to advance my writing life. However, as some smart person once said (I likely read this), “You can’t be a good writer unless you’re a good reader”. So here I am, reading a fantastic series by Laini Taylor, this one being Days of Blood & Starlight, the second of three wonderfully crafted novels about the confluence of good vs evil, angels against demons, and loving the guy from the wrong side of the tracks. I. Am. Hooked. And as I’m learning how to be a better writer, I can thank Ms. Taylor for helping me realize a better direction I can take my own book, as yet untitled, and how to relate the characters and their relationships. Mine are about the same age dealing with similar trials and tribulations in their own “oops I found myself in an alternative universe”. This I will write to her and thank her for!

So I did mention I’m off the sauce. It’s just for a month as I’m learning how to take better care of myself, eat better, live a slightly healthier life in general than the one I’ve had this past, oh, 20+ years. Restaurant life, amIright? I even bought *drumroll please* a scale… Yeah, they are brutally honest in their declarations. That being said, at 41 years old my metabolism isn’t going to make some happening comeback like this 90210 reunion show I’m PROUD to say I’m thrilled is on.

So for today, I’m going to read my book, enjoy the dance of bees outside the window, buzzing happily through the lavender, and dream of my big aspirations yet to come.

Happy Trails!

#LainiTaylor #CoffeeMakesGoodWriters #StopandWrite #SwingsCoffeeRoasters #Swings #DrinkGoodCoffee

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