Here we are again…

I refuse to give up on writing and maintaining a blog. I’m back at my favorite, and luckily neighborhood, coffeeshop #SwingsCoffee enjoying the new #FallSpiceLatte. I’m here now that my migraine had 90% subsided. I’m actually sitting inside with sunglasses on as it’s very bright in here and I’m still light-sensitive. This latte smells like a gingerbread cookie and tastes like one. Oh boy, Autumn is finally here! I think I’ll attempt cookie baking later, a unusual activity now for me as I hate cooking in my tiny kitchen. For those who say their small kitchens inspire them and helped with their creativity, that’s great and all, but not me. I loathe clean-up, have no dishwasher, and even less counter space.

My need to come here is to write my “morning” pages even though it’s 2:34 pm. Inspired by The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, I recognize the need to get the junk in my head out on paper. I feel that I have ideas for my book brewing just under the surface, but they’re having a difficult time coming out.

So I will continue on and finish my chapter and write the junk down and maybe a brilliant idea will escape fast enough.

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