Ho, ho, ho…

Are you in the spirit of things yet? Do shiny Santas, tacky decorations, and more cheap chocolate give you a thrill this time of year? Christmas cheer, music, presents, shopping, family-time, travel, parties, bulkier sweaters to hide cheap chocolate- it hasn’t made you mad yet? Terrible window depictions of what I believe to be chesnuts roasting over an open fire? “Have you gone Christmas shopping yet?” Hopeful romantic comedies about ill begotten couples who find themselves separated during the holidays and stuck in an airport during a snowstorm only to find “the love of their life” sitting next to them in Gate F but they live far away in a state called Indiana?

Am I just the Grinch or (wannabe) Krampus in a thinly-veiled disguise?

I think I am. Also, I think being a Krampus would be fun in this neighborhood full of (some) wonderful people and (some) tightly-wounded arseholes who really need to discipline themselves. To be a little friendlier walking their friendly dogs. To actually be more mindful of others walking through doors, driving cars, trying to have a quiet dinner around your hyena-in-heat pitched cackling. Mind you…as your half-goat, half-demon, full-time witch, I will go around silently hexing you.

Kidding! (Not…)

Happy Christmas 😈

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