🎶Hold me closer tiny dancer…


I have a bonus night off *cue fireworks*. I really should be working and generating some kind of income, but I’m still exhausted from New Year’s Eve. Bartending at 29+++ is taking, has taken, it’s toll. Getting home at 4:45am on *technically January 1st is throwing off my stubborn brain and body. Recovery takes FOREVER, I’m sure I don’t have to explain this to anyone in the “29+++” category. So I’m using my now free night to get some ideas down and do some research.

As you know, I’ve been reading Steven King’s “On Writing” and have been inspired to write a few short horror/suspense stories. Since I live in a super historical city where lots of ghost stories prevail (hot seat of Revolutionary and Civil War folks!) I felt it would be silly to not use this ocean of potential for my work. As a former reference librarian for Special Collections in Alexandria, I spent a lot of down time digging through the room on whatever struck my fancy. One of the more intriguing stories is of “The Female Stranger”. Her actual name and origins are shrouded in mystery, but what is known is she was a young woman who’s husband brought her to Gadsby’s Tavern, where she passed away suddenly from an unknown illness. Her grave is a large stone table at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cemetery, supposedly placed by her husband (name and origins also a mystery).

Edit: I wrote this post over a week ago, before “The Great Cold of 2020” took over my life. My delusional brain thought I had published it, whoops!

I plan on writing a ghost/horror story based off of the Female Stranger, as it has fascinated me for years. Historical city? Check. Mysterious dying woman? Check check. Ominous message left by disconsolate husband? Triple check. 2020 is going to be the year of mystery and horror!

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