The birds are spies…

#oldtownbooks #alexandriava

So on a revised mental health day, I find myself in one of the busiest, and smallest, Starbucks in my city. My car was hit a few days ago and can’t go far, so I’ve opted for a beautiful 60° February day to walk by the water, take pictures of birds, and patron a local bookstore. Yes, it’s middle of winter, it’s warm, it’s sunny, and I snagged a hightop by the window. I’ve also got a really cool idea (thanks to a friend) to write about birds used as spies since I’m surrounded by seagulls here.

In my quest to be a more educated and broad-minded writer, this book checks a few boxes. It figures in well with my desire to become a food writer, and to see and consider food in a different way. As art, as more than just sustenance. I already see food in this way, but have never written about it. Food is the center of everyone’s lives, whether we admit it or not.

Also, I love independent bookstores, they are one of my happy places. You know you’ve hit gold when the owner/cashier/employee eagerly answers questions, offers advice, and generally looks happy to be there. So go patron #OldTownBooks !

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