Going back to the basics…


I left the laptop at home today, I can’t even imagine trying to get any real work done. Remember, I’m a bartender, and last night/this morning was a long one. There were fun parts of the night, like seeing friends make out and throwing wine corks at them. Talking after hours with two great friends/co-workers to unwind. Setting up a Last Day At Work soiree with cookies and silly party favors for a wonderful guy who’s going on to do better things. Hope he enjoyed his super soft party. #Letterkenny

And then there was the rest. Nothing horrible mind you, but too many people are on edge. Or cocaine. Or both. Now, I often can barely comprehend relaxation and normalcy after bartending, but I leave work after midnight every day. I’m not normal. If I could impart any wisdom, or a heartfelt suggestion to those sitting at our bar after a day of dealing with whatever service you provide during the day is this. Take a beat, breath, count to ten. You are still in public and talking to other people doing their job. Don’t bark at me, snap your fingers, or forget everyday pleasantries. I can usually tell if someone hasn’t snapped out of it yet, and I often give you a pass. I can see the lack of caffeine, the “hangry”, the deplorable gloom that was a day of pointless meetings. We are here for you to take the edge off, we want you happy, we want to hear about your day. So, deep breath, count to ten, take a beat, welcome back to the world.

Back to me. I’m halfway through my cappuccino, and about to write the stuff you don’t get to see. My other thoughts, the place I dump what’s in my head and not carry it around all day. It’s a “fancy” notebook, a #Moleskine, and my favorite carry everywhere notebook. It folds flat, is sturdy, and is no nonsense. A class on creativity development for artists emphasizes the importance of writing down several pages (she suggested three, I often cannot produce that much) to start one’s day. It could be anything and everything and is meant to log what’s been in your unconscious all night as you tossed and turned. It’s not just for artists. Mathematicians, engineers, businessmen, chefs, etc, have found this useful as means to unclutter the mental noise in our days. Once you build the habit, ideas creep in, and solutions to problems. It’s a free write, and one of the best things you can do for yourself all day. It’s your time to give back to yourself.

And this is mine. Happy Friday everyone. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Get at it.