🎶Hold me closer tiny dancer…


I have a bonus night off *cue fireworks*. I really should be working and generating some kind of income, but I’m still exhausted from New Year’s Eve. Bartending at 29+++ is taking, has taken, it’s toll. Getting home at 4:45am on *technically January 1st is throwing off my stubborn brain and body. Recovery takes FOREVER, I’m sure I don’t have to explain this to anyone in the “29+++” category. So I’m using my now free night to get some ideas down and do some research.

As you know, I’ve been reading Steven King’s “On Writing” and have been inspired to write a few short horror/suspense stories. Since I live in a super historical city where lots of ghost stories prevail (hot seat of Revolutionary and Civil War folks!) I felt it would be silly to not use this ocean of potential for my work. As a former reference librarian for Special Collections in Alexandria, I spent a lot of down time digging through the room on whatever struck my fancy. One of the more intriguing stories is of “The Female Stranger”. Her actual name and origins are shrouded in mystery, but what is known is she was a young woman who’s husband brought her to Gadsby’s Tavern, where she passed away suddenly from an unknown illness. Her grave is a large stone table at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cemetery, supposedly placed by her husband (name and origins also a mystery).

Edit: I wrote this post over a week ago, before “The Great Cold of 2020” took over my life. My delusional brain thought I had published it, whoops!

I plan on writing a ghost/horror story based off of the Female Stranger, as it has fascinated me for years. Historical city? Check. Mysterious dying woman? Check check. Ominous message left by disconsolate husband? Triple check. 2020 is going to be the year of mystery and horror!

“The Testaments” by Margaret Atwood

Very excited to start reading this novel, as was loaned to me by my friend, fellow bibliophile, Ann. What I know is it’s the follow up to The Handmaid’s Tale 15 years in the future from the latter’s events. Being an avid follower of the television series (can June BE any more frustrating?!), I’m very excited to see what Atwood will bring to the characters, their dilemmas, and the survival of Gilead.

I was told this is an engrossing and quick read, so looking forward to getting book #2 for 2020 in the works!

Anyone else reading this? Thoughts or comments?

Falling down the rabbit hole…

As I read The Hazel Wood my mind starts whirling, ideas start popping into my head. I love and miss that feeling of, what do we call it, creativity (!) that tends to lay motionless for long stretches of time in our subconsciousness. I’m excited, it’s exciting! Will this idea branch off from my already started paranormal murder mystery, or take a life of it’s own? My city of Alexandria, Virginia has ample history to build numerous stories from, historical and horror.

2020 will be a very prolific year for writing 😎

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Just another (non) Manic Monday…

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Time to get back at it, not that I’ve stopped, but I’m notorious for starting books and not finishing immediately. I know the sequel will be in my mailbox shortly, and there’s a bonus booklet!

It’s another Monday off, and the weather has been less than stellar. Although like a disappearing magic act, the rain stopped, the clouds are melting away, and a gorgeous full rainbow took its place. I’ll take it as a sign. A new year starts in less than 48 hours, the temperature is warm, and wondrous hope has me feeling almost like a normal, happy person.

I wish everyone has such nice Mondays. Happy New Year to my fellow readers and writers.

Pitter patter 🙂

From a week ago…

Flat white at #KillerESP

At my old favorite coffeeshop by my old house in a busy part of town. First of several days to decompress and not have to fake smile, do small talk, doll myself up to look presentable and not my usual Medusa. But “to be fair”, I’m more the crazy lady who throws cats at people on “The Simpsons” than a woman with snakes for hair.




Stop being productive…

I’ve become quite dependent on these iced coffees from #lacolombe. My coffee maker isn’t broken, and yes it’s chilly and dreary as fuck where I live, but they cornered the market on delicious. I desperately need the extra shots to keep me lucid enough to read, jot some ideas down, and visit the gym later.

I’ve decided, today, right now, to stop obsessing over when I go to said gym. I want to sit and read today. I buy from #thriftbooks half a dozen books every month or so, and they need some love. I get antsy however, sitting here at home too much, even though I prefer here to work and literally any other place occupied by people. I wish they didn’t annoy me so, really. But my job is overwhelmingly social and by the time I clock out on Sunday evenings, I’m ready to run screaming from the establishment, almost knocking over my boss (sorry Geoff) in the process.

So, the book, “Ernest Hemingway ~on~ Writing” has been burning a hole on my table for weeks now since it’s arrival. I imagined I’d be magically whisked off to some quiet tavern replete with fireplace, cozy chair, and no one who knows me the moment I opened it up. I am, instead, in my comfy leather chair by the window at home and excited for this read. He has long been my favorite writer of the twentieth century, of the American classics, of the kind of rich emotions and imagery one can elicit from ordinary life.

I’ll let you know how it goes. If all goes well, I’ll get back to writing my short stories and stop yelling at people drag racing down my street while the middle school kids are leaving. Krampus still in effect!

Ho, ho, ho…

Are you in the spirit of things yet? Do shiny Santas, tacky decorations, and more cheap chocolate give you a thrill this time of year? Christmas cheer, music, presents, shopping, family-time, travel, parties, bulkier sweaters to hide cheap chocolate- it hasn’t made you mad yet? Terrible window depictions of what I believe to be chesnuts roasting over an open fire? “Have you gone Christmas shopping yet?” Hopeful romantic comedies about ill begotten couples who find themselves separated during the holidays and stuck in an airport during a snowstorm only to find “the love of their life” sitting next to them in Gate F but they live far away in a state called Indiana?

Am I just the Grinch or (wannabe) Krampus in a thinly-veiled disguise?

I think I am. Also, I think being a Krampus would be fun in this neighborhood full of (some) wonderful people and (some) tightly-wounded arseholes who really need to discipline themselves. To be a little friendlier walking their friendly dogs. To actually be more mindful of others walking through doors, driving cars, trying to have a quiet dinner around your hyena-in-heat pitched cackling. Mind you…as your half-goat, half-demon, full-time witch, I will go around silently hexing you.

Kidding! (Not…)

Happy Christmas 😈