I have 19 tabs open…

Hello all. You’re probably nodding along to the above, looking at your dozens of open browsers. On the computer, they’re *usually* important. Mine are several online courses, lists of book publishers and agents, Indeed (we ALL have that one open), Google Docs, companies I’m researching, and many tabs for my newest website. I realized that an issue I’m having is easy enough to get solved, but no matter how “user-friendly” plug-n-play web hosts are, they failed to revamp their ease of use for pandemic-weary, short-attention spanned adults in their 40s. Hi, that’s me.

#ThorBaby #GiantKitten

I spent my scorching day yesterday pushing through to make my website look nice. It looks nice. It is not wowing me. Now, before you say, “You can hire people for that,” I’ll just put my palm up, says “Thanks,” and explain that I am far too poorly in the deep pockets realm to afford brand cereal, much less a website designer. I also love to tinker- I’ll create 15 new website options, trash 14 of them, and still question the 15th. There’s also the pervasive website envy from looking at other lovely, modern sites with fading menus and easy-to-click options. I know I can do that, really. But the frustration of spending all day figuring it out when my time is limited is frustrating (in my best John Oliver accent).

So what’s a budding copywriter to do? Drink more coffee? Snuggle the cats? Pray I’ve saved my work before one prances across the keyboard, butthole on proud display?

I’m going to listen to my ADHD and go run errands.

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