Caution, laptop might actually work today…

Just kidding. My laptop worked gloriously for several weeks in a row before deciding it needed space and told me it wanted to see other writers. So here I sit while it slowly makes sweet, sweet love to it’s Microsoft Office updates. Nitro cold-brew coffee and The Duncan (roasted Italian pork, provolone, spinach, hot peppers, o & v on a soft baguette) at #StElmosCoffeePub. I’m getting eaten alive out here by gnats and God knows what else. That sweat isn’t from any exertion little buggies, might not be worth your time. The fact that I walked here on our 1000% humidity day is a miracle in itself. But a bonus day off from the bar is a gift, and I’d be dumb not to open it.

So I realize this a blog about a writer who presumably drinks, hence all the drinky-related titles. I’m a bartender, and a damn good one at that. I’m also older, seen that, drank that, and until I can afford to regularly drink expensive champagne and Burgundy’s on the regular, I’ve toned it down. So many great writers of the past were lauded on their heroic feats of consumption, swigging away at romantic cafes and pubs now featured on Trip Advisor as hotspots for literary-lovers. I’m just glad I snagged an outside table on the main drag of my neighborhood where I’m glad I haven’t been ousted (yet) for swimming against the tide of babies-strollers-dogs, repeat. I do wear yoga gear on the regular, because real pants can suck, and these Lululemon stretchies are fantastic, almost like maternity wear for the muffin top blessed.

But enough of my plush physique, what’s my focus here? My drinking? My opinions? My adorable office mates who’ve taken ownership of my Tempurpedic pillows? I’ll let you in on something about me…I love books, all the books all the time. They’re on and under my bedside table, they’re in my many bags I use on the daily, they’ve cramped up my shelves, they’re waiting in my cart on Thriftbooks and on reserve at my library. And, as usual, it’s impossible to read them all fast enough. I want to review books for a living, I want to publish books for a living, but truly I want to write books and stories for a living. Until then I will write for pure pleasure of it, and hopefully afterward. Why should you care about my opinions, what my tastes are, and how I failed to stop eating after I attempted and successfully made a healthy dinner? Well, I can’t answer that for you, so keep reading my friends.

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